If I don’t use the credits in one month does it roll over to the next month?
Yes they rollover.
Are the credits video credits or a combination of video and photographic images?
Just video credits - 1 credit for 1 video
Do I pay monthly or all up-front?
Currently we off monthly subscriptions for all plans available.
How does the Story Socials credit system work?
At Story Socials, our membership is based on a tiered credit system designed to offer flexibility and value to our users. Each credit allows you to access one storytelling video from our extensive library. Credits are allocated monthly based on your membership tier, and you can use them to select the videos that best match your story. Unused credits roll over to the next month, ensuring you always get the most out of your membership.
What types of videos can I access with my credits?
Your credits unlock access to a wide range of storytelling videos both in vertical and horizontal format. Our content is tailored to authors, writers, and bookish experts at all levels. New videos are added regularly, so there's always something new to discover and play with.
Can I purchase additional credits if I run out?
Yes, if you find yourself needing more credits to access additional content within a billing period, you can purchase extra credits at any time. These credits will be added to your account immediately, allowing you to continue exploring our video library without interruption. Members also have the option to upgrade their membership tier to receive more credits monthly.
What happens to my unused credits?
We understand that your writing journey might have busy and slow periods, so any unused credits at the end of the month will automatically roll over to the next billing period. This feature ensures you never lose out on the value you've paid for, giving you the flexibility to use your credits when it's most convenient for you.
How do I choose the right membership tier for me?
hoosing the right membership tier depends on your learning pace, the amount of content you wish to consume each month, and your specific writing goals. Our base tier is perfect for casual learners who wish to explore a few new topics each month. For more intensive users, the Billionaires Bargain offer more credits & exclusive content not available to lower tiers for those looking to dive deeper into storytelling and writing skills. You can start with a tier that feels right for you and adjust your membership as your needs change.